About Us

This website is an output of the Program for International Energy Technologies (PIET) and the International Programs of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of California, Davis in partnership with Dr Lonny Grafman of Humboldt university and his Appropedia site. The project is working with a number  of technical experts.

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UC Davis PIET Link
International Programs, CA&ES
Horticulture CRSP

Contact Dr Bell through the Hort CRSP:
email: hortcrsp@ucdavis.edu


Project management
  • Dr Mark Bell, UC Davis
  • Dr Kurt Kornbluth, UC Davis
  • Dr Lonny Grafman, Humboldt State University
  • Gwynn Benner, UC Davis
Key web sites. The major web resources used are:
  1. UC Davis, PIET Link
  2. UC IPM Link
  3. California Backyard orchard 
  4. Cornell gardening resources Link
  5. UC Fruit and Nut RIC Link
  6. UC Vegetable RIC Link
  7. U Florida IFAS/extension Link
Guest experts
  • Fruits and Nuts: Dr Louise Ferguson, Director Fruit and Nuts RIC, UC Davis
  • Integrated Pest Management: Joyce Strand, Assoc Director, Frank Zalom, Specialist, UC IPM
  • Vegetables: Dr Ronald Voss,  Director Hort CRSP, Emeritus Specialist
  • Ornamentals: Dr Michael Reid, Leader innovative Technology, Hort CRSP 
  • Postharvest: Dr Adel Kader and Dr Elizabeth (Beth) Mitcham